NACWC Origin

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The National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (NACWC) has been set up as an office of the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India to fulfill, on behalf of the Government of India, the obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and to act as the national focal point for effective liaison with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and other State Parties on matters relating to the Convention.

The CWC came into force with effect from April 29, 1997 and the NA CWC was first constituted vide Resolution No. 47/1/4/93-CA.III/IV (Vol.4) dated 5th May, 1997.  After the CWC Act, 2000 came into force, the NACWC has been established under Section 6 of the CWC Act, 2000 vide Notification S.O. 820 (E) dated 13th June, 2005.

The NACWC comprises a Chairperson and three Directors as per Notification S.O. 1490 (E) dated 13th September, 2006.  The Directors comprise the Joint Secretary in NACWC,  the Director General, Directorate of Revenue and Intelligence, and the Joint Secretary of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals.Presently, the Chairperson and Directors, NA CWC are as follows:-

(i)            Dr. Inder Jit Singh,  Chairperson

(ii)           Shri Debi Prasad Dash, Director (Director General, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence).

(iii)          Shri Samir Kumar Biswas Director (Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Chemicals and Petrochemicals).

(iv)          Shri Sandeep Sarkar, Director(Joint Secretary, National Authority Chemical Weapon Convention).